Thank you for sharing your Coronavirus Diary with us.

Hello Jim, Thank you for sharing your Coronavirus Diary with us.  My guess is that most of us are feeling very similar to your feelings. Your insightful writing makes us acutely aware of our smallness and insignificance as a human being of one among billions.  I can’t help thinking of our smallness as actually a grain of sand on the seashore. And yet, we are called upon to do what we can, to help one another, and abide by Christ’s teaching to love our neighbor as ourselves.  As I believe you are doing. I read David Brooks column last week, and was equally impressed. He really gave a shout out to Catholics with his emphasis on Catholic social teaching. He must have given it much thought with his explanation of the solidarity of Catholic social teaching that

“ celebrates the individual and whole together, and to the nth degree.”  To be willing to go to the nth degree is what makes a difference. I had a card with a quote, not identified: “ We are all in this together, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty. “ I believe that God will advise us through the Holy Spirit on what each of us can do separately and together. You have started the ball rolling for us. Thank you immensely for reaching out to us and with such clear writing. God is with us, and we do believe this.

Blessings to all of us, Dina Creighton


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