A Progressive Voice in the Catholic Church

A Progressive Voice in the Catholic Church in the United States:

Association of Pittsburgh Priests: 1966-2019

By Arthur J. McDonald, Forward by Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton

In the summer of 1966, one year after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, a group of 19 Roman Catholic priests met clandestinely in a church hall in suburb of Pittsburgh to discuss forming an independent group of clergy. Fearful that meeting publicly might be viewed as a threat to the authority of the local bishop, this potentially risking sanctioning from him, they used numbers, not names, when circulating the minutes of the first two meetings. Once the word spread among the local clergy that such a group was meeting, and they realized there was widespread interest, they went public and invited all of Pittsburgh’s Catholic clergy, including the bishop, to their third meeting. They chose a name, the Association of Pittsburgh Priests (APP), and the group launched.

Shortly after forming, and with interest from among over 200 clergy, APP began advocating for major church renewal and involvement in any number of social justice issues. Regarding church renewal, they grounded themselves in the documents of Vatican II, most especially Gaudium et Spes, Church in the Modern World, and soon lobbied for optional celibacy and married priesthood, women’s ordination, lay empowerment, including the promotion of the early church notion of the priesthood and prophethood of all believers. To this day, APP remains a force for change in the church and in society, ever true to its initial intuition to fully implement the renewal of church and society call for by the bishops at Vatican II.

“Theologians, historians, sociologists of religion, and especially reformed-minded Catholics should give deep thanks to Arthur McDonald for telling in print the story of the Association of Pittsburgh Priests (APP)…. This study has relevance especially today in the light of the ongoing developments in the Catholic Church.” --Charles Curran

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